Welcome to A Natural Undertaking website.  We are an educational resource center dedicated to teaching the ins and outs of Home Funeral Care and Green Burials.  We live and concentrate our work specifically in Southeast Pennsylvania, but we also offer general information which can be helpful to anyone interested in experiencing the time after a death in more personal ways than those offered by conventional funeral homes.  This tradition of caring for one's own is an ancient one, and one which we are now relearning and reclaiming.  Here, we pass on what we have found to be important and pertinent, gleaned from our training, research and experience of a more intimate relationship with our loved ones immediately after their deaths.

Since each death and each family is unique in how a home funeral and/or green burial is approached, we respect that your needs and desires surrounding home after-death care will be particular to you and only you and your family.  There is much planning that goes into a home funeral; there is much to learn and many people to ask to help you at the time after a death.  So, we welcome you to use this site to get your feet wet and to get an overview of other home funeral websites, as well as to familiarize yourself with what it takes to care for your loved one at home after death.

Please use this site to find books to read and videos to see and websites to visit; all of these can be found in our Resource Library.  And then, if you are so inclined, please call any of the three of us to  see how we can specifically help you learn how to perform a home funeral and find much more environmentally friendly ways of burial.  You'll find all of our contact information, brief biographies and geographical areas we each cover in     About Us.


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